Bulgarian dances

Narodni tanci Nova grupa Studentski grad

Bulgarian Folk dances

In folk dance classes "hora" from all ethnographic areas of Bulgaria - shopska, severnyashka, pirinska, trakiiska, rodopska, dobrudzhnska and Strandzha are taught mainly. Groups are designed for amateurs. Preliminary preparation is not necessary in order to start.

In MVJ studio there are 4 levels:

-          Beginners - basic steps from the most popular "hora"(dances) are learned;

-          2nd level - they have been dancing for a year and can dance more than 30 "hora"(dances);

-          Medium level - they have been dancing for 2 years, they can dance more than 60 "hora" (dances);

-          Advanced - they have been dancing for 6 years, they can dance both all basic "hora" (dances) and more complex dance combinations.

*Anyone can join at any time in a group which is suitable for his/her capabilities. If you cannot orientate, come directly to the hall and join in one of the groups.

You can see the current schedule here: www.vj-dance.eu/schedule
MVJ dance studio
Address: Student's town
Studio 1 - Winter palace of sports, Akad. Boris Sefanov str.
Studio 2 - Vitosha park hotel next to Student's park, Rosario 1 str.
+359 878 27 28 22 I info@vj-dance.eu I www.vj-dance.eu


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