Tae bo


Tae bo

Tae bo is a combination of Tae Kwon Do, kickboxing and aerobics. The choreography is based on a series of punches, kicks and aerobic steps listening to rhythmic and motivating music. Besides being good for practicing sport, Tae bo is an excellent way to burn calories, shape the muscles of the body, acquire strength, speed, endurance, suppleness and a more healthy spirit.

Each Tae bo workout focuses on different muscle groups. The level of intensity is consistent with the physical training of trainees.

You can see the current schedule here: www.vj-dance.eu/schedule
MVJ dance studio
Address: Student's town
Studio 1 - Winter palace of sports, Akad. Boris Sefanov str.
Studio 2 - Vitosha park hotel next to Student's park, Rosario 1 str.
+359 878 27 28 22 I info@vj-dance.eu I www.vj-dance.eu


Момчил заедно с момичетата от националния отбор по Кикбокс - Съни и Меги


In MVJ Dance and Aerobic Studio, students` town, you can join trainings in: Latino dances (Samba, Cha –cha, Rumba, Passo double, Jive,Salsa, Merenge, Bachata, Flamenco, Regeton ), Ball dances ( Waltz – English and Vienna), Tango ( Argentinean, European, Slow fox, Quick step), Zumba, Classic Aerobic, Step Aerobic, Dance Aerobic, Tae bo, Pilates, Stretching, Yoga, Body work and dance (Latino, Indian dances & RNB & hip hop dance), Folklore dances, Modern ballet (MTV), Hip hop dances, Strip dance, Break dances, Oriental dances, Children dances (Latino, Modern ballet, hip hop, break dance)